Goldendew Co Ltd

Country / Region: South Korea

About Goldendew Co Ltd:

Established in 1989 in Seoul, South Korea, Goldendew is considered one of the country’s top jewellery retail brands. Attracting more than 60,000 customers to its stores annually, Goldendew has marked its fine reputation as a retailer of fine-quality jewellery in timeless and contemporary designs. Its business model is structured in three parts: Sourcing, manufacturing and retail. Goldendew procures loose diamonds from sightholders and imports finished jewellery. It also manufactures its own lines through two local manufacturers, and distributes those in 115 retail outlets including 70 department stores.

What the judges have to say:

Goldendew is one of Korea’s leading jewellery retailers and premium bridal jewellery brands. In addition to achieving long-term success, Goldendew lives up to its potential as a catalyst for industry growth, initiating broader sector initiatives such as Korea’s “First Jewellery Day.” It has also been selected in the last two years as Korea’s premium jewellery brand by a leading fashion business journal. The retailer also values and demonstrates social consciousness. This is evident in its efforts to give back to society. One of its charity events was “LYA LOVE,” which won the support of Lee Young-ae, one of Korea’s most popular stars. The fundraiser benefitted the Korean National Federation of UNESCO Clubs & Associations for the education of underprivileged children, among others.