Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd

Country / Region: Switzerland

About Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd:

A neutral and independent organisation, Gübelin Gem Lab is the reason why there is mutual trust between gemstone buyers and sellers. The laboratory has been in the business of presenting unbiased and systematic observation and opinion on the nature and type of gemstones for over 90 years now, proving itself reliable in servicing its wide client base. Today, it has three laboratories in Switzerland, Hong Kong and the US that operate using state-of-the-art equipment and modern scientific methods in its gemstone analyses.

What the judges have to say:

Gübelin Gem Lab’s Emerald Paternity Test is a ground-breaking technology that uses DNA-based nanoparticles to trace the provenance of emeralds back to its exact mine. This innovation works by applying nanoparticles directly on the rough crystals at the mine, which can be retrieved and decoded at any stage along the supply chain. The technology itself is designed to survive the usual procedures an emerald is subjected to. The Emerald Paternity Test is only the first of a series of technologies and services created by Gübelin Gem Lab dedicated to bringing more transparency in the industry. The lab is collaborating with leading academic research institutions to learn more about the great potential nanoparticles has for the traceability of any type of material or product.