HUNG Ming Li, Chii Lih Coral

Country / Region: Taiwan

About HUNG Ming Li, Chii Lih Coral:

Hung established Chii Lih in 1973 with the mission of promoting Taiwan’s most precious gem corals to the world. Under her leadership, the company has evolved from being a small traditional coral processing factory and wholesaler in Kaohsiung, to a world-renowned jewellery enterprise over the past 40 years.

While many decided to leave the coral gemstone industry when the economy declined in the ‘90s, Hung stayed true to her convictions that coral would always be one of the most important treasures of Taiwan. To stay on course, Hung actively participated in international jewellery tradeshows to strengthen Taiwan’s reputation as the “Coral Kingdom,” and promote coral gemstones to the general public. Chii Lih is now recognised as a leading company in this sector.