K.S. Jewelry International Co Ltd

Country / Region: Thailand

About K.S. Jewelry International Co Ltd:

K.S International Jewelry International was founded in 1979 by the Stenzhorn brothers, Klaus and Michael Stenzhorn. For over 40 years, the family-owned company devoted its passion to creating some of the world’s unique high jewellery with the finest gemstones. By blending modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, they have mastered the unique way of creating flexible necklaces and bracelets by hand and adopted the invisible setting as their signature style.

As a leading fine jewellery manufacturing house, K.S Jewelry International caters to both top jewellery brands and high end-individual retailers. The manufacturing company owns three factories, employing highly-skilled artisans that work hand-in-hand with gem and diamond cutters. In this new age of cutting edge technology, the company believes in the importance of maintaining fine handcraft whilst keeping up with technical solutions and trends. From the individual selection and cutting of top quality diamonds and coloured gemstones to the creative team of in house designers, goldsmiths and setters, K.S Jewelry International oversees every step of the production process with passion, innovation and creative spirit.