KGK Diajewels Private Limited

Country / Region: India

About KGK Diajewels Private Limited:

KGK Group, a multinational corporation founded in 1905 involving in the mining, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of coloured gemstones, diamonds and jewellery, has mastered the art of balancing its business. One of the main reasons behind KGK’s success is its implementation of guidelines that promote good business ethics and best practices. The group makes it a point to work with responsible parties, making it the preferred buyer of three of the world’s leading diamond miners – De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto. KGK is Best Practice Principles-compliant and Responsible Jewellery Council-certified. The company also places importance on data privacy with most of the computer data for inventory and logistics maintained through software that was developed in-house by its IT teams in China and India. All information exchanges are monitored carefully at regular intervals.

What the judges have to say:

KGK Diajewels touches most aspects of the diamond and the coloured stone business, including mining of coloured stones and cutting and polishing of diamonds and coloured stones. Downstream from cutting, KGK Diajewels operates globally in jewellery manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing. KGK Diajewels combines its expertise and experience with a passion for its origins in India. This includes exclusive collections with Forevermark, Rio Tinto and also collaboration with leading Indian retailers. KGK has a long-standing reputation for re-investing into its communities and focusing on the environment. This is coupled with technical innovations in cutting and polishing, as well as in digital marketing and customer service. These underline its multi-stranded operations and help support strong profit growth.