KGK Diajewels Private Limited

Country / Region: India

About KGK Diajewels Private Limited:

Since founded in 2002, Zbird has become a professional jewellery brand in China and is a pioneer of the O2O (Online to Offline) jewellery-selling commercial model.

Its nation-wide experiencing centres provide one-on-one professional jewellery services to the customers. Zbird was the first brand to introduce wedding rings customising service in China. For over 16 years, Zbird keeps improving its products by creating high-quality diamond rings with excellent craftsmanship, it also strives to bring first-class diamond shopping experiences to the consumers.

What the judges have to say:

Embracing technology, fostering innovations!

Creativity and innovation are amongst the key cornerstones of KGK, with time, cost, quality and cycle time as core aspect. Be it design and implementation, manufacturing techniques or technology advancement, these two components play a guiding role.

KGK introduced 3 innovative techniques to improve quality and productivity in diamond manufacturing.

SARVA – This machine was built to meet the challenges of time cycle, cost, quality and accidents in diamonds. This machine has capacity of processing 5 to 6 processes and reduces process time, reduce cost and consistency.

DHRUVA – This machine can stick diamonds from the top as well as from the bottom automatically without human extracting the stone for the sticking from one side to the other. It has multiple curing systems (light and heat) as well. This can be used to stick the stone for any process (eg. Laser sawing, 4p, Brutting, blocking top, Blocking bottom & Table).

The above technology helps save time, cost, improve accuracy, and lowers inventory carrying cost.

ZIVA – This machine has a facility to map the diameter to the level of 3rd digit, eg. Up till now, machines have been accurate only till 0.10 in final brutting process, in ZIVA it has 0.104 (3rd digit)

The above facility will help to polish the diamonds in best aligned facets due to its enhanced accuracy in round shape increasing the selection at one go.

This machine will help to provide improved customer service and can provide stones with close tolerance in diameter. This helps save time, cost (due to less repair) and avoid further investment on other stones & yield benefits.