Kiran Gems Private Limited

Country / Region: India

About Kiran Gems Private Limited:

One of India’s major diamond manufacturers, Kiran Gems is a company that constantly evolves and allows itself to adjust to changes, resulting in robust performance figures. With a global customer base, Kiran Gems anchors its operations on its own five Ps – principle, passion, partnership, progress and performance. From its headquarters in Mumbai, it extends its presence to Dubai, with access to major markets including Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Australia and the US.

What the judges have to say:

Kiran Gems has been on the fast track for many years. Last year, it has increased its reach by 14% to 41 countries, with a global presence in both manufacturing and consumer markets. Kiran has implemented innovative digital marketing and branding campaigns, alongside a focus on customer-centric pricing, new product offerings and new distribution models. In addition to a strong presence in India, UAE and Hong Kong, Kiran Gems is a leading supplier to retailers, major chains and independents in the USA. Kiran has been receiving top export performance awards for many years. In 2018, it receives another recognition as an Honouree at the JNA Awards for the eSupplier of the Year category.