Le Vian

Country / Region: United States

About Le Vian:

Le Vian is a New York headquartered, family owned jewellery company. In the 18th century, the LeVian family guarded the royal jewels of Persia, including the Koh-i-Noor diamond, now part of the British Crown Jewels. Today, Le Vian is a favourite among Hollywood celebrities, known for its passion for coloured gemstones, cutting techniques and pioneering omnichannel retail strategies. Le Vian is the world’s exclusive seller of Chocolate Diamonds™. The company is a proactive, certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and donates 10% of its pre-tax profits to charity. Le Vian’s mission includes making fine, collectible jewellery affordable.

What the judges have to say:

Le Vian is one of the best-known jewellery brands in the United States. Their success has come from building a deep understanding of their broad customer and retailer base, building formidable insights, supported by marketing initiatives from a proprietary Trend Book that influences the development of 40,000 new designs annually. In response to Covid 19, Le Vian transformed their famous Las Vegas Red Carpet event to a virtual Red Carpet live on Facebook and made their catalogue available online so their customers could browse at home and purchase online. Brand awareness is supported by Le Vian TV and their instore presence at partner retailers who are able through their ‘Style Bar’ to instantly check stock availability.

Le Vian takes great pride in its track record of building loyalty and contributing back to the community.