MCLON Jewellery Company Limited

Country / Region: China

About MCLON Jewellery Company Limited:

Founded in 1994, MCLON Jewellery Company Limited (MCLON) is an international jewellery group, its business comprises of international jewellery trade, jewellery design, jewellery sales and brand management. MCLON owns “MCLON”, “Jade legend” and other jewellery brands. With its state-of-the-art IT technology information control system, MCLON can put its focus on chain stores and e-commerce jewellery retail, the company currently has nearly 200 stores in mainland China. MCLON designs its products based with “Design not only fashion jewellery, but also life and dreams” at its heart, providing everyday jewellery to young and fashionable women.

What the judges have to say:

MCLON is successful regional retail franchise in China East region, they are constantly reinventing themselves over the past 20 years in advertising, product offers, store design, sales training and branding development. One thing that has not changed was MCLON brand is always perceived as a premium brand among its peers.

Being in Hangzhou, the birth place of today’s e-commerce revolution. Mr. Sun is constantly inspired and forever revamping his business model to stay in touch with the ever-changing post-90 millennials customers and the changing topography of the business ecosystem.

The next reincarnation of his retail franchise would probably be mainly cloud-based, assets light experience stores around the country, inter-connected online with individualized product offer, 7/24 customers support, offline delivery. All stakeholder’s relationship could be built on “partners” basis to encourage participation and ownership. A trend which is happening in many industries, such as gaming, fintech, fashion, health care, hospitality etc.