Shenzhen Batar Investment Holding Group Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen Batar Investment Holding Group Co Ltd:

Shenzhen Batar Investment Holding Group Co Ltd (Batar) is a major gold jewellery manufacturer with businesses that span a wide range of services and products – from manufacturing and wholesale to retail – and several financial investments. Batar currently owns more than 20 subsidiaries engaged in various businesses, and has more than 400 franchise and retail stores that cover more than 85 percent of China.

The company dedicates and focuses its efforts in innovations, particularly excelling in gold-only jewellery manufacturing. They create collections inspired by traditional arts and culture, using gold as a medium, raising standards and enhancing customer satisfaction. Its continuing research and development also covers the creation of several home-grown equipment and tools to boost efficiency and productivity, as well as producing products of unique designs and features.