Shenzhen Xingguangda Jewelry Industrial Co Limited

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen Xingguangda Jewelry Industrial Co Limited:

Founded in 1997, Shenzhen Xingguangda Jewelry Industrial Co Limited is exploring ways of expanding into international markets. Thus far, it has maintained strategic partnerships with global promotional agencies including the Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association, Platinum Guild International and the World Gold Council. Xingguangda has opened 3,000 business outlets and have over 1,000 professional technicians, senior management personnel and staff. Each and every employee espouses the culture of innovation that made the company a frontrunner for innovation and sustainability within the industry.

At Xingguangda, employees are encouraged and nurtured to participate in all aspects of the company’s operations, to actively contribute to the innovation of the business. The management continues to focus in bringing innovation in all phases of the business, including the manufacturing process, operations, product research and development, and service.