SK Jewellery Pte Ltd

Country / Region: Singapore

About SK Jewellery Pte Ltd:

A company that knows how to engage and communicate with its customers will always win at all fronts, from brand love to actual sales. SK Jewellery Pte Ltd of Singapore, a retail brand of the Soo Kee Group, knows this too well, and it makes sure the success story continues for generations to come. Their story revolves around the tagline “You deserve to shine,” which is manifested in the company’s exquisite jewellery line of products that is marketed to perfectly fit every person in any occasion. Whether it is intended as a prized possession or as a loving gift to someone special, an SK Jewellery gemstone’s exceptional quality inspires the bearer to bring out their best.

What the judges have to say:

SK Jewellery has positioned itself as the “go-to jeweller for all occasions” and the “leader in 999 Pure Gold jewellery” – a clearly defined market strategy that resonates with its target audiences. With a carefully planned retail distribution in force, this retailer has the luxury to introduce innovative and enticing collections in an exciting store environment. The company also uses customer feedback to tailor-fit product designs, and determine what collections will click with consumers, when to launch these products, and how to inspire customers to make a repeat purchase. Because of the company’s commitment to best business practices and excellent customer service, the SK Jewellery brand commands unbridled respect from various trade organisations.