WANG Chun Li, Beijing Caishikou Department Store

Country / Region: China

About WANG Chun Li, Beijing Caishikou Department Store:

Never one to slow down and to give up in the face of adversity, Wang went from one achievement to the next. Her effort has resulted in record-breaking annual sales which exceed CNY 10 billion (USD 1.45 billion) for eight consecutive years. Beijing Caibai eventually became a specialised gold jewellery store, consistently topping sales chart in Beijing and retail stores in China for 29 years.

As digital platforms rose in popularity, Wang led the charge with her tech-savvy team in launching Caibai’s omni-channel sales network. Gearing towards the future, Wang entrusted her younger staff to take on more senior roles in Caibai, to ensure the company stays young, competitive and dynamic.

Aside from ensuring Caibai’s success, Wang is also dedicated to establishing and improving industry standards and practices in China, and is a staunch advocate of protecting the rights of consumers. Outside of her role in the company, Wang works closely with trade organisations like the World Gold Council and Platinum Guild International.